Ansys Startup Program

Gain access to the Ansys product suite, save money with software bundles, and build virtual prototypes through the Ansys Startup Program.

Ansys Startup Software Bundles

With the Ansys Startup Program, engineers gain complete access to simulation software bundles.

The bundle consists of a host of resources, including live trainings, on-demand webinars, and a dedicated SimuTech engineer to assist entrepreneurs like yourself in growing your business efficiently and rapidly.

This program is designed to cater to growing businesses that require full flagship products at reduced costs. With full access to our wide portfolio of multiphysics software bundles, bring your products from design to life.

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How Simulation is Fueling the Rapid Growth of Small Businesses

Small companies are the lifeblood of the economy and serve as the backbone of innovation for the future. SimuTech Group can help get your product to market quickly, all while saving your company time and money.

As a Startup Partner, you’ll have opportunities for marketing with SimuTech and Ansys as well as full technical support for your software bundles to help get your products launched.

Ansys-Startup-Program-and- Simulating-Ansys-Software-Bundles

Ansys Startup Program | SME Qualifications

For Startups:

  • Privately held
  • A firm with less than US $5 million a year in revenue
  • Not a consulting or services firm
  • A firm without consulting services in your business model
  • Less than ten (10) years old

For Incubators:

  • An accelerator or incubator
  • A provider of support to startups
  • Working with startups that are privately held, generating less than US $5 million in revenue a year, and less than five years old