Ansys Forming

Metal Stamping Simulation Software

Ansys Forming is an all-in-one forming simulation software built to digitally design and validate every step of the sheet metal forming process with speed and accuracy.

Validate Metal Sheet Forming with a Single Tool

Ansys Forming simulates all metal stamping tasks through an end-to-end workflow that allows you to perform the entire die process in a single platform, with the fastest solve time. With Ansys Forming you can achieve optimal performance, maintain speed and accuracy, and enhance your productivity and cost savings by reducing die cuts and redesign. 

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Trim Line and Blank Line Development

Optimize trim and blank lines through this new capability, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual simulation iterations or physical trial and error.  Export your results to CAD for expedited modification to stock and tools.

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Mesh Check and Repair

With the new Mesh Check and Repair tool, users can easily find standard mesh issues and automatically or manually fix them with minimal effort. 

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Realistic Springback Analysis

Ansys Forming now offers the ability to effectively apply the clamp to the formed component, thus providing the most predictively accurate method for springback measurement operations available with the LS-DYNA solver.

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